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Vanessa Wasche

Communication Coach and Trainer

Vanessa Wasche is a Communication Coach and Trainer who helps CEOs, executives and emerging leaders take control of their careers by sharpening their presentation skills and refining their communication.

She uses her experience as an actor and speech coach to help professionals learn how to command a room and own their leadership presence. Vanessa addresses each client uniquely: her approach is not one that dictates one’s hand gestures or how long to make eye contact. Rather, she uses many techniques to draw out the client’s strengths so they can be prepared for any situation to be their best authentic self.

Vanessa’s writing on communication has been featured in Fast Company and she regularly posts helpful tools and tips on

As an actor, she appeared in a recurring role on CBS’s The Good Wife, Person of Interest, ABC’s In an Instant as well as many movies and plays. Vanessa holds an MFA from New York University and earned her BFA at the University of Minnesota.

Vanessa Wasche, Public Speaking Coach and Trainer

Josh Barrett

Communication Coach and Trainer

Josh Barrett is a communication coach and trainer who works with individuals, teams, and students to add impact and clarity, so you can get results from every interaction and opportunity. He works with each client to determine their specific circumstances, background, needs and goals to propel them towards confidence and authenticity in their communications.

His diverse experience in film and television production, commercial insurance brokering, managing a start-up and performing (HBO, AMC, national commercials, and voiceovers) gives him a unique outlook on how each client can achieve their potential. He received his MFA from New York University and BA from Temple University.

Josh Barrett, Public Speaking Coach and Trainer

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