Stand Out As A Leader

Your accomplishments have earned you a seat at the table. Your communication will take you to the next level.

Speak with power, clarity, and spontaneity in every presentation, meeting, and interaction

Find The Right Program For You

We offer both in-person and virtual programs to meet your goals and schedule. Each program is tailored to your individual objectives and requirements. Never a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.

2 Day Intensive

This bootcamp offers training with instant feedback from a live audience as well as video playback to reinforce your development and master your authentic speaking style.

Private Coaching

The 4-hour Complete Fundamentals course will give you a skill set to command any room, manage your speaking anxiety, and accelerate your executive presence.

Team Coaching

A program for your team. Make internal meetings efficient, fast and impactful. Make cross-functional messaging consistent and authentic. Make group presentations concise and powerful.

Our Team Has Years of Experience

Our coaches have worked with professional clients in most industries as well as entrepreneurs and jobseekers. Each has a background in the corporate world and well as extensive training in performance and coaching. Our goal is to respond to your unique situation and put you on the path to clear communication and professional development.

We Work With a Variety of Companies

We’ve helped professionals in Tech, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Manufacturing, Construction, Food & Beverage, Non-Profits, Education, Defense, Consulting, Energy, Retail, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Delivery Service, and more.

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See What Previous Clients Are Saying

This experience was truly impactful, and I had a chance to practice right away this morning. I felt so much more confident and aware. Thank you for that! Client from Ecolab
I can’t emphasize enough what an impact this coaching has made on how I am approaching my updates for leadership. I have given several presentations over the past two weeks. Twice already, I have received positive feedback on how I am presenting messages and people seeing that I am doing something differently. I’d like to think it is a coincidence…but I know better!! Such a testimony to how small changes, implemented diligently make such a huge difference! Client from Medtronic
I feel like I just learned how to ride a bike for the first time. Client from Moyer


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